“Poem for John McCain” by Seth Simons

Seth Simons


the old man died    how terrible    to be alive
    for so long    & then dead    suddenly forever
dragging a small plow    across a hardening field   
    senator    war-bringer    at the comedy show
nobody mentioned you    what a lovely day   
    drinking vodka & ginger beer    buying chocolate
& comic books    markets soaring    bombs falling
    elsewhere thankfully    as they always have
bless you john    for the lotteries i did not enter
    & keep winning    & to which i owe
my small imperfect kingdom    my lilacs & blood
    money    so easy to forget    whose backs
we broke for this    doom approaching    surely
    you did years ago    what a pity    your own body
killed you    i do not think i will be so lucky    oh
    john    air thinning    fires everywhere    children
wailing in the streets    what you wrought swiftly
    we will suffer slowly    what was taken must be
reclaimed    it sucks honestly    i love being alive
    on planet earth    all its dogs & rock formations
goldenrods    lamplight    swallows in the creekside
    mist    i mean fuck    everything is so good
& you stole it    that’s okay though    i’m not mad
    tonight we light one candle    to your memory
vanishing    like the mist    we are presently
    drifting into    gravedigger    deceiver    angel
who fell    unlike you    we have time   

from Poets Respond


Seth Simons: “This week we were subjected to the spectacle of our political class celebrating John McCain, a corrupt, war-mongering imperialist who made the world measurably worse for all but an elite few. This poem is about the world he left behind.” (web)

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