“I Want to Love the World” by Christine Potter

Christine Potter


I want to love the world but I’m tired of it
walking by me on the street and not
even waving. And making so much noise

late at night. It’s a parked car with closed-
tight windows and the radio thumping.
It’s been outside my house for weeks. How

can you think of anything else with all
that artillery? I want to love the way early
afternoon looks on the stone floor of my

office, how pollen’s dust on my windows
casts a golden shadow. But that only
reminds me it’s getting later and now I

can’t tell you what I was trying to say. The
world has interrupted me. And why should
it care about that? I want to love the world

but I’m tired. In Kyiv, the coroner burns
church incense. To each face he uncovers,
he says, How? How did this happen to you?

from Poets Respond
April 24, 2022


Christine Potter: “The war in Ukraine continues to haunt me. I can’t remember a time in my life where I have felt quite so oppressed the the sheer hell people can unleash upon one another. Except for writing poetry, I feel helpless against it. The story I have linked to is not for the faint of heart.” (web)

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