“Dear Cuck (From an Admirer)” by Marc Di Martino

Marc Di Martino


“Dear cuck,” the queer email began,
“your verses are a monument
to doggerel. You are a man
spawned in an estaminet,
likely a faggot, ass-for-rent,
Jew or Jew-lover with a plan
to wrong what’s right. Perverse & bent,
your soulless writing is a stain

on what is proper, sound, upright.
You do not know me, but I know
your kind. As Uncle Ez, our light,
wrote, ‘Usury is cancer.’ Blow
my eight-inch cock. I’ll come for you
with tiki torch on seder night,
throw you from your bedroom window.
Daddy says, ‘Might makes white makes right.’”

from Rattle #62, Winter 2018


Marc Di Martino: “Poetry for me is largely an experiment in surprise, not unlike going to bed in one place and waking up in another. I love to get swept up by a poem as it invents its own logic, hanging on for dear life just to see what happens in the end. Writing, however, is not always such a pleasurable experience. ‘Dear Cuck’ takes its title from an actual email I received from someone in the poetry ‘community.’ The author proceeded to insult me in ways not very different from those showcased in the poem itself, and for reasons—I gather—of political affiliation and psychological predisposition. I wanted to tie this brand of prejudice to its literary forebears, Messrs. Pound and Eliot. I assume any reader familiar with the so-called ‘alt-right’ will know who ‘Daddy’ is.” (web)

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