“Chicky Is the Name of the Poem” by Luna Zoe Pressman

Luna Zoe Pressman (age 4)


The girl was sleeping.
She wasn’t doing anything
all day. You know what it is
just like tigers not resting.

The poem is tigers
but they don’t know what it is.
The poem is very beautiful,
no fountains.
There was a fountain
and everybody was hungry.

The choo-choo came. Children
leaped right up. The teacher
swept through them
and got them away
from the school
going to the poem.

A poem is a place.
A poem is red.
A poem does not see
anyone reading.

from 2016 Rattle Young Poets Anthology


Why do you like to write poetry?

Luna Zoe Pressman: “I like writing poetry because it’s like a story and because I get to choose what it’s about.”

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