“Ambergris” by Celia Sorhaindo

Celia Sorhaindo


some pyrite worms gobbled long ago stayed
lodged in our throats. irritated. we tried
honey. we hacked. we swallowed hard.
it took a stab in the black for us to gob it
all out. look. listen. amber chunks dredged
up from the deepdark. spewed. putrid and
staining pristinebeach pages. smell this glo-
bular mass mess churned inside beastbellies.
though not worth millions, still priceless. and
you, just humming along. minding your own
business. dipping a curious hook in for some
thing glistening in an ocean of words. you can
feed your self and your whole village for some
time, with this one truth nugget you fished out

from Poets Respond
June 20, 2021


Celia Sorhaindo: “This article, ‘Fishermen catch 280-pound chunk of whale vomit worth $1.5M,’ seemed a perfect metaphor for poetry.” (web)

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