2022 Soap Haiku Contest Winner

Rattle is happy to sponsor the annual Whole Life Soaps Haiku Contest, which is part of the Wrightwood Arts & Wine Festival. Entries were taken both online and in person at this year’s festival in May. Created and judged by Whole Life Soaps owner Bill McConnell, the winning poet receives $100, and their haiku is printed on a custom line of soaps the following year. We’re pleased to announce this year’s winner, but visit Whole Life Soaps online to read the top 10 entries and more of the judge’s comments.



Eithne Longstaff


water runs seaward
children build a driftwood dam
stream takes another path

2022 Soap Haiku Contest Winner


Bill McConnell: “This year’s contest asked you to consider the concept of intolerance in nature. How does nature resolve its differences? How does it tolerate the uniqueness between two species? We can learn much from this observation, although it appears much of humanity is too stubborn to pay attention.”

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