“Two Doves” by Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams


Part of grass
like hair swept back
Moon stone sweat
of dew beading on the
sidewalk we walked together,
hand in hand, two palms
with no air between them,
two doves with nowhere to fly
Now, what is lost beads in the air between us
like fog, like rain, and what is lost whispers
through the grass, like storm, like wind
But there is no wind
and the birds above us, flying in formation,
look so close together from down here:
stitches in fabric of air or an ellipse on an
ellipse, on an ellipse, two lips closing in on
each other, two double doors swinging in
But I’m sure they are actually
far apart, so far apart maybe they don’t
even know they are together,
I’m sure it is that far apart,
I’m sure it is insurmountable

from Poets Respond
August 25, 2020


Maisie Williams: “As I move back on campus for university, I think about how insurmountable all these new challenges feel, and how much is lost in the distance between us.”


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