“They Arrive” by Richard Krawiec

Richard Krawiec


The paper opens at the pressure of the pen and the ink sinks into the fiber.
I almost wrote “welcomes” but the paper doesn’t make that decision. It doesn’t “allow” the ink to enter it, either. Paper exists in its absorbent state and whatever presses upon its surface, whatever arrives, it is powerless against.
Just as the pen is powerless, once the tip is pressed down, to prevent the ink from flowing out.
I almost wrote “escaping” but that seems to imply capability, more choice in action, the ability to avoid, than what is held by pen and ink.
Welcomes. Allow. Escaping.
It’s like Gaza. The people in their homes do not welcome or allow the explosions. Like the paper, their homes simply sit, open to, powerless against, the incursions of missiles and bombs and bullets. Targeted or not, the explosives don’t escape to Palestinian homes.
in the corner
a hunter spider
wraps bodies

from Poets Respond
January 11, 2024


Richard Krawiec: “The continuing tragedy of Palestine brings daily video of destroyed homes, people defenseless to the ordinances inflicted on them. To the point where the UN just a day ago, Friday January 5, called Gaza ‘uninhabitable.’ Yet, people are powerless to stop the flow of attacks.” (web)

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