“Supernatural” by Laura Theis

Ekphrastic Challenge, March 2021: Artist’s Choice


Into Thee by Susy Kamber, collage of a red dress seeming to materialize from nowhere

Image: “Into Thee” by Susy Kamber. “Supernatural” was written by Laura Theis for Rattle’s Ekphrastic Challenge, March 2021, and selected as the Artist’s Choice.

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Laura Theis


mist is water

without surface

and yet it will not


only swallow the past but

bring it up again too

if it feels in the mood


let me tell you how

it steps through the vapour

towards you now


not like a twin trapped

in a mirror reaching both hands

towards you through the glass


or a pinniped

coming up for air

from the unsounded deep


not like a sleeper breaking

through a dream’s stillness

into the clang and dry of the waking


no it emerges

composed and unhurried

moving backwards like a riddle


a girl wearing not so much

a dress as a violent

blaze of chenille


determined to make you

say that you now

believe in ghosts

from Ekphrastic Challenge
March 2021, Artist’s Choice


Comment from the artist, Susy Kamber: “I love the intent of the meaning of your poetic response. For me it describes determination. In this instance a belief in ghosts. How does a belief in anything occur? The description paints this ghost-like appearance powerfully enough for me, in such descriptive words, that in the end I might also begin to wonder. Ghosts playing words into a determined desire to have you in their field and maybe that’s something only ghosts can do.”

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