“Something Else” by Joyce GQ Block

Joyce GQ Block


There’s a hole in the dark,
A pinhole pricked by a safety pin.
I saw me do it.
I stood on my tip toes,
Put my finger on the back of the pin
And pushed hard.
It pierced the first layer of blackness.
I saw a ray of light.
You think you’re finished, but there’s always something else.

It doesn’t even matter how I get through,
It only matters that I do.

from Rattle #8, Winter 1997


Joyce GQ Block: “I am a woman of many designs, it seems. Along with my counseling and consulting practice, I have owned two nutritional companies. I developed the Visual Somapoem Process in which my clients do personal research combining poetry, music, and images to create multimedia journal entries. A recent ‘way over 50’ single parent of a teenager and three-year-old, I am writing, photographing, and clawing my way back.”

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