“Necessities” by Skyler Rockmael

Skyler Rockmael (age 14)


I am a bad person
I have stolen
Baby pink diapers
Cans of sweet beans
An old seafoam green dress
A faded half-filled notebook
Dozens of stained thin blankets
Sickly sweet used candles
Fractured Swiss army knife
4 cheddar colored pencils
Mini blue sharpener
A duct tape plastered baby carrier
Knit baby hat
It’s just her & I
With our needs
Not enough room for wants

from 2022 Rattle Young Poets Anthology


Why do you like to write poetry?

Skyler Rockmael: “My love for poetry dwells in its unique ability to tell hundreds of stories in a few stanzas. To write poetry means to weave a set of words to create an unconventional tale. This undertone of unconventionality is what draws me back. Poetry is a way for people to express themselves while letting others have their own journey through your words.”

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