“MEARCSTAPA” by Gardner Dorton

Gardner Dorton


for the fall of Tiangong-1

I am coming home, The Line-Walker,
who walks between up and down, heaven

and ground. Because, here “ethereal”
means lonely and “star-lit” means

dark. I am no closer to God the way
a bridge is no closer to either side.

I am falling unburdened, Babel returning
to origin and singularity- at peace

to be back in place. I will find
a resting spot, one plop into the ocean

when my wings have burned off.

from Poets Respond
April 5, 2018


Gardner Dorton: “On Monday, the Tiangong-1 space station fell into the southern Pacific Ocean. Tiangong is literally translated as ‘heavenly palace,’ and MEARCSTAPA is an acronym for ‘Monsters: The Experimental Association for the Research of Cryptozoology Through Scholarly Theory and Practical Application.'” (web)

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