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In addition to publishing the quarterly magazine, we try to do as much as we can to encourage the practice of poetry, and make it a regular part of peoples’ lives. These efforts include a monthly reading series, a children’s anthology, and online features of current events and ekphrastic poems.


Chapbook Series Stand-alone chapbooks sent free to subscribers
Ekphrastic Challenge Monthly poems about artwork
MicroReviews Very brief reviews of poetry books
Odds and Ends Older projects no longer in operation
Poets Respond Weekly poems about the news
Reading Series Monthly readings at the Flintridge Bookstore
Young Poets Anthology Annual anthology of poets 15 and under


Jenny Qi | Rattlecast 115

Jenny Qi is the author of Focal Point, winner of the 2020 Steel Toe Books Poetry Award. We’ll also include Poets Respond Live, open lines, and this week’s prompt: write a ballad.

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