“698. Evidence-Based Poem” by Paul E. Nelson

Paul E. Nelson


for Daniel Smith, Hillsboro, MO, 12.16.17, Daniel—

Forget, if you can,
the seizure of air, space, heart.
—Daphne Marlatt

This is a vulnerable poem
(as are all poems
all sentient beings) a poem
calling out entitlement
celebrating diversity
a transgender poem you
could read to a fetus.
An evidence-based poem
while at the same time
a science-based poem
honoring all the moorings
one anchors to at the calm
at the center of delusion.


from Poets Respond
December 17, 2017


Paul E. Nelson: “In response to new CDC language restrictions announced by the current administration. It was written as part of the perennial postcard project, an off-shoot from the August Poetry Postcard Project. The postcard image is an original, taken by the author.” (website)

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