“You Might” by John Yohe

John Yohe


Some women let you feed them chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
            spoonful by spoonful
Some women let you brush their hair before going to bed
Some women seem so terrified of contact you feel sad
Some women wonder why you are so scared of contact
Some women like to be alone, but not a lot
Some women have good relationships with their mothers though I don’t
            know if they’re in the majority
Some women dress sexy then get mad when you want to have sex with them
Some women just laugh at you
Some women write poems you want to fuck
Some women will tell you stories while you masturbate even though they
            would rather you fuck them
Some women will fuck you

Some women seem to decide whether they want to marry you or not in the
            first month
Some women get confused when you don’t want to
Some women don’t want children but will rarely admit it in public
Some women have children alone because fuck it
Some women don’t watch tv, but not a lot
Some women go to movies alone, though not a lot
I don’t know any woman who will go backpacking alone
Some women play guitar or saxophone and you want to be with them just
            for that, even if they have a history of insanity in their family

Some women eat spaghetti with chopsticks
Some women smoke pot daily
Some women talk about writing screenplays
Some women actually do
Some women marry rich men because they think the men will be good providers
Some women even tell themselves that they love these men
And when they eventually divorce they marry other rich men for the same reason
And though some women might marry men who earn less money, this causes problems

Some women wanted to be vampires when they were girls
Some wanted to be mermaids
Some wanted to be catwomen with purple fur and tails
Some women act more like girls than some girls, and versa vice, and both are
            more attractive because of that though you’re not sure you want to
            be with either

Many women will take any excuse to skinny-dip
Some women like sex though many need some catching up to do
Some women have more porn on their computers than you
Some women take their clothes off for money, though these women are not
Some women are more attractive when they have a boyfriend or husband
Some women bake pumpkin pies and carry them on the plane as a present
            when they visit you in New York
Some women sound relieved when you call and say you just can’t move to
            Seattle to be with them
Some women keep trying to interest you even after you have moved out,
            which hurts more than the moving out
Some women have been fucked (up) by their fathers and will never be right
            and it’s not your fault though it maybe seems like it and feeling sorry
            for them is not a reason to stay
Some women are fine with being with you for the month you spend in
            Salamanca and won’t even necessarily cry when you say goodbye in
            Madrid, though you might

Some women like men
Some are scared of men
Some seem to feel both at the same time, which makes you feel weird
Some women will wait for you to decide to get your life together, though not
            a lot, and not forever anymore, if that was ever true
Some women are right there, visible, with bruises
just like yours

from Rattle #29, Summer 2008

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