“Year’s End. Year’s Beginning.” by Lynne Knight

Lynne Knight


The wrens in the coast live oaks
wait for the crows to stop squawking,
then swoop for insects, singing.
No winter, here. No rain, either.

Last night the fireworks across the bay
were clear as stars in their first fire.
Then smoke obscured them, made them
streak like small comets. How one thing

becomes another, even the body
as time works through it. My heart
has seemed so heavy, but it lifts
as the wrens hold still like notes on a staff.

Light pierces a cloud & scatters in shards.
The ceasefire might hold. Bulldozers
might stop opening the earth for more
blood to be shed in the ruins. I don’t know

what more to tell you. Try to keep your heart
open as the door a stranded motorist
walks through, ghostlike with snow
from the blizzard, grateful for being
          in time.

Poets Respond
January 3, 2017

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Lynne Knight: “I don’t make resolutions, but as 2016 drew to a close, I kept telling myself that I needed to start looking for reasons to hope since despair, which is pretty much my default position, seems too dangerous now. So this is a poem in that direction.” (link)

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