“Women Only Write About Themselves” by Julie Steiner

Julie Steiner


Women only write about themselves.
When they compose,
a therapeutic ooze engulfs and salves
a woman’s woes.
That self-absorbed confession self-absolves,
while readers doze.
Women only write about themselves.
Enough of those.

When men say “I”, their “I” is universal.
Their strong hearts bleed
for all the tribe. Applaud their verses’ muscle!
Attend! Give heed!
The female “I” is narcissistic. Facile.
A feeble reed.
When men say “I”, their “I” is universal.
It’s all we need.

from Rattle #51, Spring 2016
Tribute to Feminist Poets


Julie Steiner: “I consider feminism part of the broader notion that all members of the human race, without exception, should have opportunities and challenges proportionate to their actual, not presumed, abilities. So, yes, I am a feminist. As are most men, I think. But occasionally all of us in positions of traditional privilege—whatever those might be—need reminders that our own worldview is not a universal default, shared by all humanity.”

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