“Withdrawal Symptoms” by Dave Bonta

Dave Bonta


imperial sunset
my shadow
waving back

one by one the stars
of generals

on the evening news
telling us
it’s morning

giving air support
to ghost soldiers

what better hell
have we bombed
into existence

moon cradling that darkness
called earthshine

from Poets Respond
August 24, 2021


Dave Bonta: “I’ve been appalled but not surprised by the slanted coverage of the U.S. and NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan. War hawks are invited to opine on cable news and in elite media without revealing their ties to the ‘defense’ industry. My response is heavily influenced by renku and Black Sabbath’s classic song ‘War Pigs.’” (web)


We met Dave Bonta on this week’s Rattlecast, just before our main guest, Marcela Sulak. Watch the reply here!

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