“We Saw Mother!” by Barry Peters

Barry Peters


We noted the mythological and the biblical
The allegorical and the anagogical
The feminism and the masochism
The kitchen sink all thrown in
Like the garlic parm cinnamon flavor
Smothering our buttered tub o’ popcorn.

We watched Jennifer Lawrence being pummeled
Or rather her character being pummeled
Or was it us being pummeled
Pummeled pummeled pummeled

As we sank in our newly renovated seats
Swimming in the faux leather
The various buttons reclining us
Into various horizontal contortions
Like first-class passengers
Who can’t feel the turbulence.

from Poets Respond
September 24, 2017


Barry Peters: “We saw Mother! We didn’t like the film, but we definitely enjoyed the discussion that it engendered among ourselves, our friends, and online … though ‘enjoyed’ is a somewhat perverse word, considering the issues that the movie explores.”

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