“Trump’s Tip” by Kathleen A. Lawrence

Kathleen A. Lawrence


(spiraling abecedarian)

 Randy and
 ridiculous,    stuffed and
salacious,    Trump
tricks    uses
undermines    violates and
vomits about    wooing
women.    Xtra-Xtra
exposes his    yucky
yearning    zipper.
Zoo    animals like
apes    behave
better.    Catcalling and
creeping,    doing what The
Donald does, his    ego enlarges
explodes erupts    fat,
far    greater than his
girth and    hoarding.
He    ingratiates
impulsively.    Just
johnson    knee-jerks,
kissing    leching
leaving out    mature
manhood.    Noisily
newsy,    openly
ostentatious,    predictably
petty    quotes
quickly    rob Richie Rich of any
remaining respect.  

Poets Respond
October 9, 2016

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Kathleen A. Lawrence: “This poem was based on the news story that broke early Friday about a tape of Donald Trump from 2005. On a hot mic Trumps brags to Billy Bush, host of Extra!, about his lewd exploits of women. He boasts using crude references and strong language about his abuse of what he calls his ‘star’ status. He explains to an attentive Bush that you can ‘Grab them by the pussy.’ In his pursuit of ‘beautiful’ women he will grab them, kiss them, because ‘They let you do anything.’”

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