“To Choose Each Other Perpetually” by Sara Watson

Sara Watson


If you see a group of crows it’s called a murder.
If you’ve got a group of cows you say a herd.
If your key fits in the lock you say I’m home.
What if you are a bushel of apples and I am the hungriest deer.
Or I am a fistful of hair clogging the drain again.
Already you’re seeing my body a way that’s entirely new.
I’ve been a mess. I’ve had to clean up after.
Two women and a dog is called a family.
Two women with no dog cannot be coaxed from bed.
I see that we already have a problem.
What if every time a woman says there are no happy endings
a person slides her tongue inside another person’s mouth.
A person slides her tongue inside another person’s mouth.
Every time I touch you a little sound comes out.

from Rattle #51, Spring 2016
Tribute to Feminist Poets


Sara Watson: “Poetry is one of the few safe spaces for queer women. As such, it’s a great space for a queer woman such as myself to play around, to dream, to imagine, to demonstrate and celebrate queer desire. If Poetry were a town, I think I’d like to move there.”

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