“The Transformation” by Red Hawk

Red Hawk


What prayer or magic spell or luck
leaves us breathless, thunder struck
just from looking in each other’s eyes
across the breakfast table? Surprise
of love comes as a kind of Divine Grace,
as if I’d never seen your face
before and now am stunned that you adore
the likes of me; whatever for

I do not know but now you’re stuck
and seem enamored of my face, its every ruck
and deep crevasse your sheer delight; it defies 
all reason. Yet this spell causes us to rise
and with no word we tenderly embrace.
The sweetest feelings rush to fill the space
as if God came in through an open door
and we are nothing like we were before. 

from Rattle #45, Fall 2014
Tribute to Poets of Faith


Red Hawk: “Poetry showed me the way to Our Creator. Early on, I realized what appeared in the poems was beyond what I knew, had known, or could know. The poems showed me the right way to live; then, in order to deserve the right to continue and receive, I had to begin to live as the poems indicated. From poetry, a man of little faith began to operate solely on faith that he would continue to be given the material to write poems. So far, this faith has never deserted me.”

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