“The Queen Is Dead” by Rick Lupert

Rick Lupert


So few people alive today
have taken a single breath
without Elizabeth steadying
the British ship
until now.
She knew everyone, and
everyone you’ve ever known
knew her.
What is this fascination with
the British monarchy, you might ask.
Is that what this is I might answer.
Or is it a love for a forever steady hand
a woman who stood at the forefront
of all modern history.
She saw television come and
turn to color.
She was in the studio when
they filmed the moon landing.
She saw family rebel like happens
in any family,
no matter how much land they own.
She saw war and still had it in her eyes
until the last moment.
I listened to The Smiths album
The Queen is Dead today. Morrissey
had been planning for this moment
for decades. Charles, the boy who
would be king, since before my
blood knew what to do,
loved his mother.
Didn’t keep a bag packed
out of respect.
What is this fascination?
This terrible impermanence.

from Poets Respond
September 11, 2022


Rick Lupert: “Queen Elizabeth, the second-longest reigning monarch in Earth’s history died this week.” (web)

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