“The Lost and Found” by Zoey Sheffield

Zoey Sheffield (age 11)


are the ones who are apart.
The families who have never rejoined.
Some out of shape, some old, some new,
but not yet played with.
With beans inside them and stuffing too
my playful friends the old and the new.
Families apart who are once bought again
rejoin at a house and have fun again.
Some might have broken but they all have souls.
My stuffed animal friends,
the old and the new.
They skitter, they scatter all over the place,
these animals of mine. Although they are different,
some cats, some pumpkins, and some are just blankets,
they all are just friends and family alike.
Sometimes so far apart on trips during the night,
but they always rejoin, the lost and the found,
these stuffed animals of mine,
the new and the old, together at last,
the loved and the loving.

from 2018 Rattle Young Poets Anthology


Why do you like to write poetry?

Zoey Sheffield: “I like writing poetry because it gives me new perspectives on the world.””

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