“The Dog God” by Asiya Wadud

Asiya Wadud


for Soleil

Some say the dog god infinite empire. Some say turn the same stone until the work is done. Some say burnish the dog god against a slick cutting stone. Some say wait until each stone is turned. Some suns light others too much, some need it urgent, some just yearn, some say the dog god lurks infinite pyre. Some say Titus when the milk is gone, some need the dog god when the laughing days are done, some yoke the lambent sun, some yearn. Some express simulacrum. Some urgent plovers alight their burden. Some crest fetid carrion when the dog god comes meek. Some take for granted the just, able sun.

Some flex currency at the dog god summit, some commit to knowing when the matte waters reign calm. Some protect a knowing that rises from the bones and the dog god, the dog god the home.

But the good living ones and the bevy between us and they nurture and they frequent and they stoke the new flame and their urgency for mere gods does justice just the same and the good gods the small gods the robbed gods keep us and the bevy gives shadow to the good gods among us.

Poets Respond
January 24, 2017

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Asiya Wadud: “I teach second grade and last Thursday a student said, again and again, ‘Tomorrow is going to be very different from today, tomorrow is going to be very different from today.’ This student is seven years old and the only president she’s ever known is Barack Obama. I wrote this as a reminder that there are always good gods among us, even when dog gods reign.” (web)

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