“Sometimes” by H. Sky Clay

H. Sky Clay (age 6)


Sometimes your house can turn into water
and sometimes floating cupcakes
and cakes. When you wake up in the morning you see it
and eat it
and garden a seed that will turn into a beautiful flower woman
and a flower girl
and you will live with them forever. They will help themselves
to everything so don’t worry.
You have a princess in your house the next morning
and the next morning
and the next morning
and when your music box turns overnight
it will be a magical ballerina.
If you put a little dust on something
it will turn overnight to something real.
The balloon will turn to flower, mouse, anything.
You will not even know what it will turn into. It is a surprise
in the morning. Your feet will tangle to a beautiful rose.
When you have your garden your vegetables
will turn into a beautiful carriage.
You will have 100 of them.
You can make a ribbon in your soil. A little dust on it
will turn it into a beautiful, beautiful ribbon
that floats in the air. Wherever you go
it will go.

from 2016 Rattle Young Poets Anthology


Why do you like to write poetry?

H. Sky Clay: “I figure out stuff when I’m writing. Sometimes when I’m reading poetry, I discover new animals, new people, even new kinds of birds like the blue jay. You can discover your imagination!”

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