“I’m Sorry, Moon” by Jill M. Talbot

Jill M. Talbot


The pope is sorry, Mark
Zuckerberg is sorry, Starbucks
Is sorry. Hell, even Obama
Is sorry. The ocean’s sorry,
The sun is sorry, the polar
Bears are sorry, the otter
Living under your house is
Sorry. The hairdresser is
Sorry, the window cleaner
Is sorry. The spider who bit
You is sorry. Skeletons in
The desert are sorry. The NRA
Is sorry, the Titanic is sorry.
Justin Trudeau is sorry. The
Plastic surgeon is sorry,
Barbie is sorry. Killer
Robots are sorry.
The spider you
While you were
Is sorry.

from Poets Respond
April 15, 2018


Jill M. Talbot: “This is a response to the testimony of Mark Zuckerberg.” (web)

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