“I Wish” by E. Wen Wong

E. Wen Wong (age 11)


I wish that birds
would never fly away,

I wish that clocks
would never slow down,

I wish that smiles
would never frown,

I wish that leaves
would never wilt,

I wish that bees
would never sting,

I wish that there
was nothing to wish for.

from 2015 Rattle Young Poets Anthology


Why do you like to write poetry?

E. Wen Wong: “I like poetry because it allows me to reflect on the past, explore the present, or ‘create’ the future. I think poetry is the world between the brain and the paper, not necessarily between the sky and the ground but wherever imagination takes us! Poetry may not be limitless, but it’s the way we write it that makes it limitless.”

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