“How to Turn Off a Ceiling Fan” by Nasreen Yazdani

Nasreen Yazdani


Pull one of the cords.
Is it off? Pull the cord again.
Is it off? Pull the other cord.
Pull both cords like you’re milking a really tall cow in the wind.
Is it off? Pull the cord twice.
No, the other cord.
Is it slowing down or speeding up?
Wait. Stay calm. Look for signs.
It’s slowing down!
Is it slowing down or turning off?
Call a psychic.

from Rattle #61, Fall 2018
Tribute to First Publication


Nasreen Yazdani: “I once convinced my fourth grade teacher to allow me to submit all work in the form of poetry. Several tedious verses on long division later, permission was firmly rescinded. But I continued to compose poems relentlessly, undercover, year after year, and now as an adult I have given myself permission once again to share my writing. I’ve never felt so free.” (web)

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