“HotelReview.com – Stay Where You Are, Which Is Here!” by T.J. Peters

Ekphrastic Challenge, September 2016: Editor’s Choice


Photo by Ilenia Pezzaniti
Photograph: “They All Slept Here” by Ilenia Pezzaniti. “HotelReview.com – Stay Where You Are, Which Is Here!” was written by T.J. Peters for Rattle’s Ekphrastic Challenge, September 2016, and selected as the Editor’s Choice winner.

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T.J. Peters


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there is levity in the
upside down
even a dwelling so
mercilessly unfit for stay
the television
wears the sheets
the painting
hangs on seat
the queen
split by twins
the wire
purpose unclear
and yet hanging
on so few threads
we attempt upgrades
at least seeking
solace in the we are
here not for wanting
but for the where we are
so hell
it’s a damn fine headboard

Ekphrastic Challenge, September 2016
Editor’s Choice Winner

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Comment from the editor, Timothy Green, on his selection: “Poetry should kick off its shoes and relax, at least some of the time. T.J. Peters managed to make a bleak scene fun, both with a clever format and the redemption in the last line. It made my day when I read it.”

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