“Flower for Eyes” by Anna Meister

Anna Meister  (age 15)


i came across a garden 
one day, guarded by a 
gate of glass at the top
of the stairs. i walked 
backwards through them, 
and wonder how many 
people have done the 
same. i step into a world 
of veils, covered in sugar-
water hoping to wear a 
coat of dragonflies. your 
words are etched in every 
yellow brick that stands 
in front of me as my ruby-
red shoes walk down 
this road you paved for 
me, wishing i could just 
turn around and go home 
to you. the birds flying 
close to my shoulders
remind me of when i was 
a baby, and my parents 
bathed me in a bird bath. 
but I never got to grow 
up and fly away like my 
childhood friends. there’s 
a run-down church just 
outside the garden. if i 
squint, my eyes can paint 
it. my mind rings with 
ghost bells, recordings of 
my long-lost selves who 
once ran the clock tower 
implanted in my imagination. 
as i stare at the grass, i 
remember that i like to 
think of myself as a four-
leaf clover but i know 
inside, i’m only three-
leafed hiding behind the 
crowd. i’m looking at my 
reflection in the pond but 
i’m no Narcissus, i’d rather 
ripple myself away. hello 
my love, i’ll be waiting 
here for you, until i
become sisters with the 
statue dressed in moss.

from 2022 Rattle Young Poets Anthology


Why do you like to write poetry?

Anna Meister: “I like to write poetry because it allows me to share how I feel in a way I wouldn’t get to otherwise. Writing keeps me calm, and I like how I get to experiment with different words and formats.”

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