“Fat and Happy” by Lela Childs

Lela Childs (age 12)


for Samuel Taylor Coleridge

And then the frogs come
You only see one,
But you hear them all
And they laugh.

And then the sky above you gets green
And the pond gets blue
And the sun keeps shining,
But brighter.

And the river keeps flowing like nothing ever did happen to the sky or the pond.
The sky and the pond changed colors
Because the sky wanted to be the frogs
And the pond wanted

To be the sky.
And the sun shone brighter,
Because the frogs wanted to be greener.
And the stroll through the park,

The animals and their silly wants
And our silly wants
A juicy fruit

Being eaten alive somewhere in a pleasant place
Where nobody
Wanted to be anything.
They just ate their fruit

Straight from the trees.
And the river kept flowing like nothing ever did happen to the sky
Or the pond.
They ate their fruit

Straight from the trees.
Because it was alive and they were eating something alive and they got to have something alive
If they ate it
Straight from the tree.

Which they did.
And later while they walked around fat and happy,
The fruit would die in their stomachs.
And the one who ate it would feel as if

A piece of themselves had died.
And they got to feel dead before they died.
And they knew not to be jealous.
They knew

That others somewhere would feed off their envy if they were envious
And feel as if a piece of them had died
Later on as they walked around
Fat and happy.

from 2016 Rattle Young Poets Anthology

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