“Elevated Findings” by Kip Deeds

KIP DEEDS: “‘Walden, Sprawl, and All’ began with a drawing of a cabin, inspired in part by my own experience of cabin-living in Michigan. Although this drawing went unresolved for two years, I began doing watercolor tests on the paper in the summer of 2007. By autumn I was developing a sprawling urban landscape around the cabin, in contrast to the more placid central image. The text adds commentary to the inevitable contrast between the quiet, solitary life and the pervasiveness of so-called modern progress. ‘Elevated Findings’ began as a study of a piece of furniture in the poet Janée J. Baugher’s Seattle home. On tiers of shelves is an arrangement of office supplies and knick-knacks. Among these items I added some of my own objects. The text in the scroll tells a story and presents a tour through the shelves and curiosities.”

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from Rattle #29, Summer 2008
Tribute to Visual Poetry

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