“Canticle” by David Radavich

David Radavich


Somehow words
are not enough.

At least
not ones I see.

There’s a hollow
thud against

the world,

not singing
but a kind of pain.

Maybe listen
instead to birdsong,

fly out
as seed-robber

and speak
only the love

that has no name,
that cannot save.

from Rattle #45, Fall 2014
Tribute to Poets of Faith

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David Radavich: “An Episcopalian by denomination, I am eclectic in my beliefs, which inform not only my writing but my essence as a human, how I view and experience events in the world, even the way I take care of my body through meditation and yoga. The imagery in my work often incorporates subtle or not-so-subtle references to religious iconography, which even in our time retains its power and mystery, its ability to stir a deeper register of our lives. And at some level, all that is never far from politics.” (website)

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