“Basho After Cinderella” by Deborah P. Kolodji

Deborah P. Kolodji



a glass slipper
in the middle of the road
spring rain


thistles in bloom
village gossip
after the ball


pumpkin vine
a mouse remembers
how to neigh


fairy dust snow
perfectly-sized boots
for her bare feet

from Rattle #38, Winter 2012
Tribute to Speculative Poetry

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Deborah P. Kolodji: “At some point in my poetry career, I decided my poems were too wordy and discovered haiku. Writing haiku soon became a way of life, and I have learned to appreciate small moments of my day and write them into snapshot poems. Because I also enjoy speculative literature, it’s fun to imagine the landscape around an imaginary or literary event, such as the evening of Cinderella’s ball, or the moment Arthur discovers the Sword in the Stone, and wondering what Basho, the seventeenth century haiku master, would write if he was there to see it.”

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