“At Jury Duty” by Coco de Casscza

Coco de Casscza


At jury duty
        Calvin Trillin 
                told me eating 
                        at Chanoodle 
                                would change 
                                       the way I think 
                                                about fried rice 

                                                                  I tried it

                                                But still I think 
                                        about fried rice 
                                the way I did 
                        before except 
                it always makes 
        me think of 
Calvin Trillin

from Rattle #48, Summer 2015
Tribute to New Yorkers

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Coco de Casscza: “My aunt, landing first time at JFK, took the subway in then out again, not pausing to not be appalled at all she saw and heard and smelled that made me stay.” (web)

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