“A Bedtime Story” by Rhode Winward

Rhode Winward (age 9)


after Lilian Moore

“Tell me a story,” said the pig’s child,
“about the battle between pigs and cows,
about the pig that stepped on a mouse,
about the stinking cat bone,
about the story of home sweet home.”
“No, no,” said the mom,
“it is time for you to yawn.”
“Please, please,” said the child.
“No,” said the mom,
“You will go wild!”
“Please,” the child begged.
“Alright,” answered the mom,
“I will tell you a story, and it is called Goodnight!”
she said, as she turned out the light.

from 2017 Rattle Young Poets Anthology


Why do you like to write poetry?

Rhode Winward: “It makes me feel good to write poetry. When I was writing this poem I liked combining a bit of comedy with a bit of soothing and a bit of weirdness. I like making rhymes. I like putting funny tales on paper and showing it to people. That’s it.”

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