2020 Soap Haiku Contest Winner

Note: Rattle is happy to sponsor the annual Whole Life Soaps Haiku Contest, which is usually part of the Wrightwood Literary Festival. This year’s festival was cancelled due to the pandemic, but the fun and unique contest continues. Created and judged by Whole Life Soaps owner Bill McConnell, the winning poet receives $100, and their haiku is printed on a custom line of soaps the following year. We’re pleased to announce this year’s winner, but visit Whole Life Soaps online to read the top 20 entries and more of the judge’s comments.



Christina Tang-Bernas


matter is never lost
I eat the fruit of the tree
you are buried beneath

2020 Soap Haiku Contest Winner


Bill McConnell: “I spent several days agonizing over this top ten list. Our winner, Christina Tang-Bernas, reminds us of the myriad ways that the dead support the living in a never-ending cycle in her simple yet elegant haiku.”

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