2008 Pushcart Prize Nominees

Rattle is proud to announce the following nominees for the 2008 Pushcart Prize:

  • Denise Duhamel – “The Johari Window”
  • Anthony Farrington – “How to Write an Erotic Letter”
  • Joseph Fasano – “Mahler in New York”
  • Bob Hicok – “Things Rich and Multiple and Alone”
  • Hayden Sanier – “Self-Portrait with the Smithfield Ham…”
  • Donald Mace Williams – “Wolfe”

In addition a chance at representing RATTLE in the anthology, each of their poems will be featured on our blog during the first week in January. For more information on the Pushcart Anthology, and the nomination process, visit www.pushcartprize.com.

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