Issue #7 – Summer 1997



Long Lost Poetry Contest

Conversation with
Virginia Hamilton Adair


Little did you know, the Rattle Poetry Prize wasn’t Rattle’s first foray into contests. Releasing December 1997, issue #7 features winners of the real first annual poetry competition — Lisa Glatt and John Bennett won first and second place respectively for best poems using the word “rattle.”

Also in the issue, Alan Fox interviews Virginia Hamilton Adair. In the essay section, Glenn McKee shares diary entries about the poet’s responsibility, and Terry B. Stevenson writes about poetry and politics.


Lisa Glatt • John Bennett

Virginia Hamilton Adair (2, 3)
J Michael Adams • Jim BarnesRuth Bavetta
K Leighton Brown • David Catron
Patricia Crawford • Louis S Faber
Walt Farran • Michael C Ford • Fred Fox
Jack Grapes • Timothy Hodor • Maggie Jaffe
Lee Jamieson • Willie James King
Rachel Levine • Glenn McKee • Stewart Mintzer
Cheryl Montelle • Rhoda Novak
June Phelps • Aleida Rodriguez
Fernand Roqueplan • M A Schaffner
Joseph Semenovich • John Silveira
Terry B Stevenson • Craig Taylor • Stephen Tudor
John Wilson • Rich Yurman • Ronald Alexander
Hillary Bartholomew • John Bennett
Charles Bukowski (2, 3, 4) • Robert Cooperman
Marcyn Del Clements • Rod Farmer
Rebecca Figueroa • Alan Fox • Stuart Friebert
Ellen Hildreth • Bonnie Jacobson
David James • Andy Jen • Dorianne Laux
Lyn Lifshin • Brian F McNabb
Debbie Mitchell • Mickey Myers
Charles O’Hay • Tony Quagliano • Ray Ronci
Kenneth Salzmann • Lon Schneider
Nan Sherman • Jean Stapleton • Marc Swan
Lorette C Thiessen • Ryan G Van Cleave
Christopher Woods • Jianqing Zheng

Judith James • Ellen Hildreth • Patricia L. Scruggs

Glenn McKee • Terry B. Stevenson

Virginia Hamilton Adair

Contest Winners