“Shoulders” by G. Emil Reutter

G. Emil Reutter


for Moose

it was a decade ago, he was my friend
and I his. lives in shambles we traveled
from bar to bar drinking shots and pints
always surrounded by friends and girls
as the nights traveled into morning. As
our cash flow depleted so did the friends
and girls. We left as we came, alone,
stumbled to the nearest diner.

it was a decade ago, he was my friend
and I his. the monkey climbed on his
back as loneliness hunkered down on
my shoulders. both in a place never
anticipated or craved. I have only
seen him twice as the loneliness lifted
from my shoulders I am hopeful he has
shoved the monkey off his back.

from Rattle #37, Summer 2012
Tribute to Law Enforcement Poets

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