“When You Told Me You Were an Alcoholic” by Anna Vitale

Anna Vitale (grade 11)


I am your mother
I am the devil
I am suicide with an empty chamber
I am a drug addict
I am God
I am your shadow with my tongue screwed into your forehead
I am your mother and you will do everything I say
I am a speed freak
I am the devil and I will kill you
I am God and you are dead
I am melting ice cream
I am heroin
I am dry lips
I am a 17 year old boy that smells bad
I am a stuffed bear with one ear
I am decaf
I am the devil
I am a plant in winter
I am a 13 year old runaway with dirty underwear and fingernails
I am deception
I am 13200 volts of a Danger sign
I am a bottle of warm Corona
I am the devil
I am a chunk of skin you tore off shaving
I am Five O’ Clock Gin that you chug for breakfast
I am you with breasts
I am abortions
I am an old lamp in Miriam’s Antique Shop
I am 8 fat women with cotton candy
I am the devil

from Rattle #9, Summer 1998
Tribute to Children

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