“When the Focus Group Calls the Republican Candidate …” by Corrina Bain

Corrina Bain


You may not know this, so let me tell you
there is a genre of pornography
characterized by monster cocks
generally sculptural forms in latex
which are puppeted around
the lower bodies of male actors.

There is, as you can imagine, a racial element.

There is, as you can imagine,
a hidden device with a bladder
containing a glut of white viscous fluid.
Special effect. Adapted technology.

And never mind that the quote-unquote cocks
can’t fit inside of anyone. The point
is to imagine that there could be such a monolith.
And then to make some framework
where the false thing is proved true.
So when you say that he seems “human”

what I hear is the girl bent and splayed
like folded stationary gasping into the camcorder,
“Ooh, it’s so warm.”

Warm is not an adjective
I have ever heard
describing a legitimate penis
though it is often true.

I am saying, the only reason
you would mention it
is if you were trying
to fool someone.

from Rattle #40, Summer 2013


Corrina Bain: “When I was a kid, listening to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, I thought that art was going to give meaning to my pain. Then I got it stuck in reverse for several years, making pain to weight my art. So I’m trying now to un-afflict myself. Or maybe to bring the reader down with me, depending on the day.” (website)

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