“When Nancy Drew the Line” by Amy MacLennan

Amy MacLennan


Some people think I’ve got it all.
Family money, perfect boyfriend
and quite the local reputation.
Just last week the headlines read,
“Girl Sleuth Foils Jewel Heist.”
But I’m sick of hunting for clues in clocks,
sketching footprints and faces,
getting thrown in secret rooms
always bound and gagged.
And to be honest, Ned is a real bore.
I’d trade it all in,
the convertible, tailored clothes,
even the titian hair
(and it’s red goddamn it)
for something bad.
I want to move out, get a job
modeling bathing suits
or designing tattoos.
Leave River Heights behind,
hitchhike to a real city
and drink peach daiquiris
in a downtown bar.
I’ve done the right thing my whole life.
Kept my father’s house,
solved every case,
never broke the rules.
It’s not easy being this good.

from Rattle #17, Summer 2002

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