“What I’m Thankful For” by Ingrid Fox

Ingrid Fox (grade 6)


This is what I’m thankful for:
Piggies, doggies, ceilings, floors,
Doctors, teachers, sisters, brothers,
Aunts and uncles, fathers, mothers
Girls and boys, chalk and boards,
Watches, feelings, leaves and more
Trees and water, food food food!
When everyone’s in a good mood
For homework (not!) and actors, too,
For ducks that quack and cows that moo
My house, my room, my own computer,
My nieces; they are even cuter!
For comics, music, writing, reading,
Bikes and trikes and mouth-closed eating
Dr. Seuss, good old Mark Twain,
The books they wrote, the sun and rain
For T.V., friends, for paper money,
Waffles, syrup, pancakes, honey
Fishies, sharkies, mousies, horsies,
Lalala’s and Memememe’s
Letters, numbers, airplanes, boats,
Castles, princes, queens and moats
Cops and dentists, cool nicknames,
Magic, sailors, people famous
Lots of love and lots of caring,
And most of all for LOTS OF SHARING! (with me!)
My health, my school, my house, my bed,
Christmas time and pencil lead
Of all the things I’m thankful for
The one I think I most adore
Is all the love I have received
From everyone that I have knore … uh, known

from Rattle #9, Summer 1998
Tribute to Children

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