“True Colours” by Michael Dylan Welch

Michael Dylan Welch


Solo Rengay

true colours—
the abstract painting

an off-colour joke
from the psychiatrist

outside the lines
the kindergarten teacher

the realtor
talking too much
about local colour

hardly colourblind
the district attorney

technicolour sunset—
the photographer loads
another memory card

from Rattle #47, Spring 2015
Tribute to Japanese Forms

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Michael Dylan Welch: “Why am I drawn to haiku and related Japanese poetry? Because I’ve always found short forms of poetry to be the most appealing, and haiku is the queen of short poetry. I write because I can’t help but share my passion for haiku (together with longer poetry). This is a chief motive behind my establishment of National Haiku Writing Month. Unfortunately, haiku is widely misunderstood and mistaught, so another reason I continue to write haiku, and write about it, is to help correct these misunderstandings.” (website)

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