“(T)(o)(o) (C) (l) (o) (s) (e)” by Michael Mark

Michael Mark

(T)(O)(O) (C) (L) (O) (S) (E)

(The) (knives) (in) (the) (drawer)
(are) (not) (only) (teeth) (up) (,)
(I) (notice) (they’re) (too) (close) (.)
(So) (I) (get) (my) (latex) (gloves) (,)
(mask) (,) (barbeque) (tongs) (and)
(begin) (the) (operation) (.) (As) (often)
(the) (case) (with) (surgery) (,) (once)
(you) (go) (in) (you) (see) (things)
(you) (hadn’t) (before) (.) (The) (spoons)
(are) (practically) (having) (sex) (.)
(Not) (my) (business) (normally) (—) (tea-s)
(inside) (table-s) (,) (and) (a) (ceramic)
(souvenir) (from) (Stockholm,) (peeping) (.)
(I) (proceed) (with) (the) (prophylactic)
(procedure) (.) (It’s) (a) (time) (to) (be)
(thorough) (.) (Though) (I) (know)
(what) (I) (can) (do) (in) (the) (house) (,)
(I) (can’t) (on) (the) (road) (—) (cars) (in)
(their) (lanes) (,) (but) (now) (too) (close) (,)
(same) (with) (park) (trees) (,) (and) (properties)
(whose) (square) (footage) (share) (slatted)
(fences,) (and) (the) (neighbor) (has) (“it”)
(according) (to) (local) (buzz) (.) (They) (can’t)
(just) (be) (slid) (over) (.) (She’s) (not) (a)
(neighbor) (,) (Lois) (hollers) (from) (the)
(other) (room) (,) (watching) (the) (news) (,)
(too) (close) (to) (the) (TV) (–) (residue)
(from) (times) (of) (smaller) (screens) (.)
(Closeness) (mutates) (,) (spreads) (and)
(shrinks) (everywhere) (.) (Not) (always)
(easy) (to) (see) (.) (She’s) (three) (streets)
(away) (,) (she) (says) (about) (the) (neighbor)
(while) (I) (apply) (the) (ruler) (test) (to) (the)
(books) (and) (wait) (for) (her) (to) (get) (up)
(from) (her) (chair) (.)

from Poets Respond
May 16, 2020


Michael Mark: “There’s lots of conflicting opinions about what one needs to do to protect themselves during the pandemic. This is what we do in our home. Okay, what I do. Follow at your own risk. But, please, not too closely.” (web)

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