“The Writing Spider” by Caroline Giles Banks

Ekphrasis Challenge #1: Editor’s Choice


Spider by Judy Keown


Caroline Giles Banks


the writing spider
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Ekphrasis Challenge #1
Editor’s Choice Winner

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Comment from the editor, Timothy Green, on his selection: “Some of the poems submitted to this challenge were insightful, some were touching, others were funny—but only one made me laugh to myself in an empty room every time I read it, and it was this brief (even by haiku standards) haiku. Not only is it funny, but it’s true to the photograph, and as clever and concisely intricate as the argiope spider itself.”

Note: This poem has been published exclusively online as part of our quarterly Ekphrasis Challenge, in which we ask poets to respond to an image provided by our current issue’s cover artist. This fall, the image was a photograph of an argiope spider by Judy Keown. We received 266 entries, and the artist and Rattle‘s editor each chose their favorite. Timothy Green’s choice will be posted next Saturday. For more information on the Ekphrasis Challenge visit its page. See other poets’ responses or post your own by joining our Facebook group.

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