“The World” by Ingrid Grabowski

Ingrid Grabowski (age 6)


Looking at the skies
there is the sun shining on everything.

The sweet grass smells like strawberries
so I see rain sprinkling on the grass.

The rain drips into the puddles.

In the winter time,
there’s so much snow to play with.

In the fall time,
my Mom rakes the leaves and
we make a leaf pile and me
and my sister jump in.

In the spring time
all the flowers bloom and
it makes me pick ’em.

from 2018 Rattle Young Poets Anthology


Why do you like to write poetry?

Ingrid Grabowski: “I wrote this poem when I was six, but I’m eight now. Poetry is in my blood because my dad is a poet. Poetry makes me feel cool.”

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