“The Power of Light” by Ken Letko

Ken Letko


can turn a white
dog black
a silhouette

on the horizon
sunlight unfolds
every new leaf

pulls a sumac
sprout through
four inches of asphalt

a red light stops a chain
of fast-moving cars
at an intersection

light you spend
all day every day
at the end of the tunnel

nine missing miners
on the windowsill
nine candles

widow’s walk
a lantern for
a late boat

the moon
is your proxy

the night sky
you can make
mud shine

any student
of the stars
knows the sky

can be any color

from Rattle #32, Winter 2009


Ken Letko: “I was walking on some bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean when I noticed a large black dog on the horizon. The off-leash animal was coming toward me on the same trail. When we met, I realized the friendly, smiling creature was nearly pure white because he was no longer walking in his own shadow! I had witnessed ‘the power of light.’ I just had to write about that.”

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